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  • 集團介紹 Group Introduction



    Built-to-Last Group is a national high-tech enterprise providing service in the field of building materials and focusing on energy conservation and environmental protection. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Guangzhou, China,  it owns 8 wholly-owned subsidiaries which are around the concentric diversification characterized as “product R&D, production and sales, technical services, finance platform for supply chain, big data analytics, and industrial investment”.

    Our business is composed by industry, supply chain and industrial alliance. Except for being based on traditional building materials, we concentrate on technical R&D, manufacturing and services  of cement and concrete admixture and green building materials, and then further develop domestic and foreign market and deep cultivate the foundation of industry. We also emphasize on strengthening the driving force of innovation through erecting Xiaoming  platform for supply chain and the platform of industrial alliance for building materials. By means of further integration of domestic and foreign resources, we establish the comprehensive resource base and green trading channel for building materials, which provides the professional and comprehensive service for building material industry.

    Responding to the national the “B&R Initiative” , we are committed to being a going-out building material service provider for the “B&R Initiative”. In the future, we focus on erecting professional bridges of services and then popping building materials to China and other emerging markets along the “B&R Initiative” route on the strength of our own three-dimensional marketing network.

    With our business culture concept of “innovation, cooperation, contribution value; efficiency, responsibility and being the best”, we have successfully built up the exceptionally vigorous style of work—“initiative, reliability, positive energy; mode, reproduction, tough fight”. In the future, we will adhere to the win-win cooperation,  spare no effort to build the No.1 gold access for going-out building materials of  the “B&R Initiative”, promote Chinese building materials to “export and import with high quality” and establish the permanent foundation of building materials.